Ariel + Gage

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Congratulations to Ariel & Gage! This sweet couple is tying the knot February 2018! THEIR LOVE STORY: We met at age 12 and oh boy, it really was love at first sight! We were introduced to each other at the baseball fields by one of our mutual best friends Cameron (AKA The Best Man) in the summer before going into 7th grade. We ended up starting junior high at the same school.. and after many dates to Castaway Cove Waterpark, … Read More


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Congratulations to Kacie & Dillon!  This lovely couple says “I Do” April 2018! THEIR LOVE STORY: While Kacie and Dillon grew up over 1,000 miles away from each other (Ohio and Texas, respectively), their paths collided early on in their college experiences. Kacie and Dillon met at Texas Tech University, where she was his orientation counselor (and secret admirer as Dillon often claims). Kacie was a sophomore and Dillon was a freshman. She was the very first girl Dillon met … Read More


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Congratulations to Lauren & Jon! These two will say “I Do” at The Grand Ivory January 2018! THEIR LOVE STORY: Jon and Lauren both went to the same high school, and even though they had mutual friends, they didn’t meet until spring break of 10th grade. Their love story began on a band trip to Hawaii where Jon made the move to hold Lauren’s hand! Between high school and college the two put a pause on their relationship. However, they remained … Read More


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Congratulations Kailee & TJ! These two will be tying the knot at The Grand Ivory on April 7, 2018. THEIR LOVE STORY:  Kailee and TJ attended elementary through high school together. From the moment TJ laid eyes on Kailee, he knew she was special. “I always thought she was the most beautiful girl,” says TJ. After college and many run ins, TJ finally worked up the courage to ask Kailee out. Their first date was on New Years Eve at … Read More