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Congratulations to Lauren & Si! So excited for this sweet couple tying the knot April 2018 at The Grand Ivory!

THEIR LOVE STORY: Si & Lauren were set up on a date by their moms. At first, Lauren was really hesitant, but on the first date she knew there was something really special about Si. 11 months later, Si proposed to Lauren at the Dallas Arboretum (the place they shared their first date). The proposal began by taking Lauren to her five favorite places where a letter was gifted explaining why the location was significant to their relationship. The adventure ended at The Arboretum, where Si handed Lauren a letter that read: “A year ago, I made promise to you here.” Si kneeled down on one knee and pulled out a ring. Lauren was so excited that she didn’t even look at the ring, grabbed his face and kissed him. In all of the excitement, Lauren accidentally knocked the ring out of his hand and it rolled down the hill. Thankfully the ring was safe and sound, but it instantly became a memory they will always remember! “He is the sweetest, most forward-thinking, thoughtful man I have ever met and I am so honored to say “I do” to him at The Grand Ivory.” – Lauren

We are thrilled to be the backdrop to your incredible day! Welcome to The Grand Ivory family Lauren & Si!