Ariel + Gage

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Congratulations to Ariel & Gage! This sweet couple is tying the knot February 2018!

THEIR LOVE STORY: We met at age 12 and oh boy, it really was love at first sight! We were introduced to each other at the baseball fields by one of our mutual best friends Cameron (AKA The Best Man) in the summer before going into 7th grade. We ended up starting junior high at the same school.. and after many dates to Castaway Cove Waterpark, the local movies, and so many junior high dances, we finally began dating April 13th of our 7th grade year. We were together for a little over a year! Then while going into high school, we decided to take a break from our relationship, as we were still very young… But we remained very close friends! However, senior year rolled around and we realized those 7th grade butterflies and that crazy, childlike love for each other never went away! By the time our senior trip in Jamaica hit, we just knew we had to be back together. However, we were going to different colleges and knew we’d both be very busy, especially with school and Gage’s baseball career. We decided to hold off for a bit, but we trusted that God had a plan for us. After spending almost every weekend together and making each other the utmost priority, Gage officially asked me to be his girlfriend again on April 13th of our freshman year in college (just like in junior high). After 4.5 years of dating and falling madly in love all over again, Gage finally popped the big question at our best friend’s house (which happened to be the exact same spot where we had our first kiss in 7th grade). Both of our families and friends were there for the sweet surprise! Gage did such an amazing job, especially because he usually never gets away with surprising me, but he totally pulled it off!! It was so perfect and definitely one of the most special nights of my entire life. We are beyond thankful for all that God has done for us and super excited for all the adventures He has in store for us.
We are so happy to welcome them to The Grand Ivory family! The love you have for each other is something so special and we can’t wait to celebrate your amazing day!


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Congratulations to Lauren & Si! So excited for this sweet couple tying the knot April 2018 at The Grand Ivory!

THEIR LOVE STORY: Si & Lauren were set up on a date by their moms. At first, Lauren was really hesitant, but on the first date she knew there was something really special about Si. 11 months later, Si proposed to Lauren at the Dallas Arboretum (the place they shared their first date). The proposal began by taking Lauren to her five favorite places where a letter was gifted explaining why the location was significant to their relationship. The adventure ended at The Arboretum, where Si handed Lauren a letter that read: “A year ago, I made promise to you here.” Si kneeled down on one knee and pulled out a ring. Lauren was so excited that she didn’t even look at the ring, grabbed his face and kissed him. In all of the excitement, Lauren accidentally knocked the ring out of his hand and it rolled down the hill. Thankfully the ring was safe and sound, but it instantly became a memory they will always remember! “He is the sweetest, most forward-thinking, thoughtful man I have ever met and I am so honored to say “I do” to him at The Grand Ivory.” – Lauren

We are thrilled to be the backdrop to your incredible day! Welcome to The Grand Ivory family Lauren & Si!


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Congratulations to Kacie & Dillon!  This lovely couple says “I Do” April 2018!

THEIR LOVE STORY: While Kacie and Dillon grew up over 1,000 miles away from each other (Ohio and Texas, respectively), their paths collided early on in their college experiences. Kacie and Dillon met at Texas Tech University, where she was his orientation counselor (and secret admirer as Dillon often claims). Kacie was a sophomore and Dillon was a freshman. She was the very first girl Dillon met in college, and he was smitten from day one. The couple’s varying traits and characteristics complement each other in such a way that they are able to live life to the fullest, motivate each other daily and chase their dreams together. The two found themselves working/living in different cities throughout college and internships, but ended up together in Dallas after graduation (thank goodness!).

Throughout the four years of being together, Kacie and Dillon have consistently fallen more in love while enjoying college in west Texas, pursuing their careers, starting a life together in the Big D, getting engaged and planning their dream wedding. Dillon claims, “She is the best person I’ve ever met and she helps me become the man I’ve always wanted to be.” Kacie shares, “He is everything I never knew I could find, a man that pushes me to cherish the beauty in every day and every moment together.” Kacie and Dillon are loving this stage of life and look forward to the beautiful future that God has in store for them!

Welcome to The Grand Ivory family Kacie & Dillon! We can’t wait to serve you and be the backdrop to your best day!



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Congratulations to Lauren & Jon! These two will say “I Do” at The Grand Ivory January 2018!

THEIR LOVE STORY: Jon and Lauren both went to the same high school, and even though they had mutual friends, they didn’t meet until spring break of 10th grade. Their love story began on a band trip to Hawaii where Jon made the move to hold Lauren’s hand! Between high school and college the two put a pause on their relationship. However, they remained good friends, keeping their friendship up through the rest of high school and all through college. They eventually re-sparked their relationship, spending time with each other during school breaks and off times.  A couple of weeks after Jon graduated from Texas A&M and moved back home, the two began dating again. About a year and a half later, they went to A&M for the weekend for a football game, where Jon proposed to Lauren under the Century Tree with Lauren’s family and friends there to see it. It “caught me completely by surprise!” says Lauren! These two goofy 16 year olds’ have come so far over the last 8 years, and they can’t wait to see what the future holds for them as husband and wife!

Welcome to The Grand Ivory family Lauren & Jon! We are overjoyed to be the backdrop to your perfect day!


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Congratulations Kailee & TJ! These two will be tying the knot at The Grand Ivory on April 7, 2018.

THEIR LOVE STORY:  Kailee and TJ attended elementary through high school together. From the moment TJ laid eyes on Kailee, he knew she was special. “I always thought she was the most beautiful girl,” says TJ. After college and many run ins, TJ finally worked up the courage to ask Kailee out. Their first date was on New Years Eve at a country dance hall. Just after midnight, Kailee approached  TJ saying,  “Some guy just tried to kiss me!” but because of the music and noise from the crowd, TJ mistakenly heard the words “Somebody kiss me!” to which he promptly obliged. He planted one on her right there, and the rest is history. Two years later, they are so in love and eager to become husband & wife!

Welcome to the Grand Ivory family Kailee & TJ!  You two make a beautiful couple and we can’t wait to host your incredible day!